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Who We Support

Treasures Thrift Store, Inc. has partnerships with ministries both local and international in scope.  Treasures supports these ministries financially as well as with donations monthly.  The following are those ministries which The Board of Directors of Treasures Thrift Store, Inc. believe God has directed us to form ongoing partnerships with in making disciples of all nations:



The Board of Directors of Treasures Thrift Store, Inc. provides ongoing support for Sav-a-Life of Shelby County.  Sav-a-Life Shelby is a pregnancy care ministry that is dedicated to offering free and confidential services in a compassionate and loving environment to women, men, and families facing an unplanned pregnancy.   Click the link to visit the Sav-a-Life of Shelby County website.




Treasures Thrift Store supports the ministry of The Foundry Rescue Mission and Recovery Center with weekly donations of goods we are not able to use.  The Foundry processes these items for sale in their store in Fairfield, AL.  You can always know that whatever items Treasures does not sell get passed on to other ministries.  The Foundry’s Mission is to restore hope and rebuild lives of the addict, the ex-inmate and the destitute through Christ-centered recovery, re-entry, and rescue.  What happens in a foundry distinctly describes what God does in the lives of those suffering with addictions and homelessness.  Men and women come through the doors of The Foundry as scrap metal comes to a foundry, seemingly hopeless and useless.  Then through the process of melting, molding, pouring, shaking, cleansing, and grinding lives are reshaped by the hands of God.  Click the link to visit The Foundry Rescue Mission & Recovery Center website.


Located in downtown Birmingham, Christian Service Mission (CSM) is driven to see Christian community development occur in Birmingham and has a goal to love and serve people in community relationships and connect resources with the holistic needs of our neighbors.  CSM was instrumental in receiving goods and coordinating the massive volunteer effort after the tornado outbreak of April 2011.  They serve many of the shelters and churches that minister to the homeless and less fortunate in the Birmingham area.  Click the link to visit the Christian Service Mission website.

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We have all seen the children on TV who are malnourished and barely alive.  The scene is disturbing and many are moved to help.  Compassion International is an organization who has been helping children find sponsors for food, clothing, and school needs for many years.  You’ve probably seen the packets lying on tables at your church with those smiling faces of children who need your help.  The children you sponsor in those packets are all over the age of 2 and most are 5 or older.  Unfortunately the fact is that most children who die from malnutrition die before age 2.  Compassion International has developed a program called The Child Survival Program, which actually starts with prenatal care of mother and baby.

Treasures sponsors a program in Peru called the Jesus Luz Del Mundo Center.  Here is what this and many other centers around the world do…

Growth Monitoring — steady growth is a good sign of adequate nutrition
Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) — restores fluids lost to diarrhea
Breast-feeding — promotes infant growth, facilitates bonding with the mother, and reduces incidence of illness
Immunization — an effective way to reduce or eliminate many diseases that cause childhood death and disability
Female Literacy — the mother’s level of education is directly tied to child survival
Food — food or supplements fight off malnourishment
Family Planning — greater spacing between births allows the mother’s body to be better prepared for the rigors of pregnancy and to provide greater attention to each child’s needs

For more information, visit their website Compassion International

Grants Awarded by Treasures Thrift Store:


Treasures Thrift Store recently awarded a grant to Valleydale Church who has partnered with missionaries on the ground in the Middle East.  These missionaries have identified 37 Syrian Kurdish families who are refugees from a neighboring country.  These refugees are living in block homes, many with no roofs and only have a tarp to cover themselves from the harsh winter in this region, and they are in desperate need of fuel for heating.  Treasures has awarded $5500.00 for this urgent physical need of heat by providing kerosene fuel for their heaters.  This grant will provide heat for them to get through the rest of the winter of 2014.  This humanitarian effort provided by God through Treasures not only means they will have heat and cooking ability, but local churches have come to follow up with these refugees as well.  We praise God for the work of Valleydale Church and the people on the ground who are sharing the love of God to meet these urgent physical and spiritual needs.


TCABH_podcast_logoTreasures Thrift Store recently awarded a grant of $2750.00 to TCABH for medical supplies needed for 2 planned trips to Cairo, Egypt in 2014.  The medical team members will offer a clinic to provide for general medical evaluation and treatment in the Cairo area.  Each clinic usually sees about 1000 people on their trip.  This will open the door to pray for the people seen and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them.  Relationships are built and a local church has team members to continue these relationships after the Brook Hills team members leave.  This ensures that continued exposure to the gospel is available as well as contact to meet any physical needs of the people who have been seen.  We praise God for what He is doing through TCABH and the local churches in Cairo, Egypt.



Reel Life International
 (RLI) is dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus Christ with those in extreme need.  RLI serves orphans and impoverished families in Haiti, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic as well as initiatives in South America.

The Board of Directors of Treasures Thrift Store, Inc. received a request for and approved a grant to purchase 2000 Gospel booklets printed in Spanish called “La Historia” or The Story.  These booklets depicting the story of the gospel will be distributed to trip participants on short-term mission trips and for local hosts as an evangelistic tool.  To help overcome the language barrier each participant typically has a personal note translated into Spanish to explain the contents of the booklet and the purpose in sharing it.  RLI is dedicated to glorifying God by releasing people to live sacrificially for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Thanks guys for letting Treasures Thrift Store partner with you in this ministry. For more information about or to partner with Reel Life Adventures please follow this link

spear_logotrans-u118SPEAR really stands for Strategic Partnerships for Encouragement, Accountability, and Resources.  SPEAR International Ministries was birthed in 2008 out of a burden to see more prayer, resources, and assistance reach ministries around the world and see believers in the West begin to find and fulfill their role in the Great Commission by partnering with those internationals.

The Board of Directors of Treasures Thrift Store, Inc. awarded a grant to SPEAR for the Ushindi Community Christian Center in Ruiru, Kenya.  The Community Christian Center in Ushindi is a vocational Bible training institute to help children complete a high school education and also teach them the necessary skills to be independent.  They are being taught things like computer skills, hairdressing, welding, dressmaking, and carpentry.  Along with this training they will also learn things like “How to Study the Bible” and “Discovering God’s Purpose for Your Life.”  The mission of SPEAR International Ministries is to equip and empower individual Christians and churches to discover and fulfill their role in the Great Commission primarily through the establishment of strategic partnerships with indigenous ministries around the world.  SPEAR thank you for letting Treasures Thrift Store be a part of making disciples of all nations.  For more information on SPEAR please visit them at




The vision of Rekindle Children’s Hope (RCH) is to reach the many orphaned, disadvantaged, and abandoned children in the villages of Cameroon, Africa.  RCH has begun work in the villages of Wokeka and Maumu, which are outside the city of Buea near the western coast of Africa.

The Board of Directors of Treasures Thrift Store, Inc. received a request for and approved a grant for RCH to purchase 3000 square meters of land in the village of Mumau, Cameroon.  There will also be construction on a 3-room house that will facilitate 3 levels of after school tutoring for children, youth, and adult Bible study.  Many of the children are already under sponsorship of American donors to provide food and school supplies.  An orphanage is also planned for the site and will be built at a later date.  Many of the children have no parents or the parents are so poor they cannot provide food enough to keep them alive.  The gospel is taught and brought to many of the local villagers as well.  RCH is continuing to make disciples of all nations as well as meeting urgent physical needs.

Thank you RCH for allowing Treasures Thrift Store to do the work God has set before us in taking His name and love to the world.  For more information on Rekindle Children’s Hope contact Jim Kiel at 991-8495.

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You see with your support of Treasures Thrift Store you are actually saving lives of children around the world.  We are all called to meet urgent physical and spiritual needs.  You can now rest assured you are a part of that with your support.